All the items you see here are handmade one of a kind treasures.

I often get asked if it is possible to recreate one of them which of course depends on the materials I used and can be tricky since the philosophy is to only use recycled fabrics.

Of course you can choose to recreate a certain model of a scarf that you have seen on the page and it is possible to use similar colors to get close and it still will be a unique piece.

But what about creating something even more mindful and sustainable?

What about to create your own personal item with me that contains something you love, a dear memory?

Your own personal story?

For example by using a piece of fabric from your grandpa`s well loved cardigan, your own favourite cashmere sweater, or your mum`s vintage camel coat that you always loved.

I always liked the idea of patchwork quilts---something that includes all kind of pieces, collected over a lifetime and often times made as a special gift for someone special.

An item that tells your very own story and something that can even be passed on one day.

So if you are interested in starting this beautiful mindful process to create your individual soul piece, let`s come together and contact