Kaschuba Hommage was founded as an independent german fashion label based on sustainable principles by designer Irina Kaschuba.

The label focuses on shoulder pieces such as scarves, capes, ponchos and collars that are distinguishable by their unique compositions of colors and materials.

Dedicated to sustainable values from the beginning all materials such as cashmere, wool, silk, lambskin and antique fabrics from all over the world are 100% upcycled.

The manufacturing method combines old traditional craftsman skills with sustainable principles. All pieces are made using a special sewing technique to ensure lifelong duration. Using old traditional methods, such as stitching, pojagi, or inlays that are interpretated in a unique way the lable has found its voice in modern contemporary patchwork

All handcrafted statement pieces resonate individuality and stand miles apart from mainstream and the unhealthy rhythms of mass-industries. They are dedicated to men and women with a sense of uniqueness who can recognize and appreciate high quality craftsmanship.

A scarf is much more than just a piece of clothing, it`s intimate, a blanket, a protection, it embraces you tight and is visible at the same time.

They are all unique pieces; there is not two of the same item. Furthermore the scarves are reversible and have different pattern designs on each side, and therefore can be worn either way.

The current collection is about mystical symbols and signs that are put in abstract contexts and unite spirituality and fashion in a special way.